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Abell Reports 65% Increase in Raccoon Related Inquiries


More time around the home boosts raccoon activity

TORONTO, ON June 8, 2021 – Raccoons living in urban centers are nothing new, but many homeowners have noticed an increased presence of these critters in their neighborhoods. Abell Pest Control contributes the 65% increase in raccoon inquiries to a surge in activities in and around the home as a result of the pandemic. Abell reminds homeowners that the best way to protect their homes from raccoons is to eliminate food sources and places they can shelter.

“Urban raccoons depend on human food scraps for a significant portion of their diet, which means they forage in trash cans and dumpsters,” said John Abell, President, Abell Pest Control. 

Raccoons are a common sight in cities and the suburbs, so encounters happen often and are not uncommon. Abell recommends that people stay away from both young and mature raccoons as they carry diseases that can pose a serious health risk.

Abell recommends the following tips to prevent raccoons from raiding your garbage and taking up residence in or around your home:

  • Use metal or tough plastic containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Seal entry points to chimneys, eaves, and attics
  • Cleanup! Raccoons love gardens with places to hide. Prune overgrown shrubs and keep yards neat and tidy
  • Limit raccoons hiding places by sealing the bases of sheds and decks with chicken wire or hardware cloth
  • Do not feed the raccoons. By putting food out for raccoons, we condition them to lose their “respect” for people, a trait that aids greatly in their ability to survive. Feeding animals also cause local populations to become denser than the habitat can adequately support. At these times, raccoons begin to look more closely at your home to shelter them, and they are more likely to become ill and transmit diseases.

When it comes to preventing raccoons from invading your home, the best approach is a proactive one. Follow the tips above to help ensure that raccoons stay away from your property.

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