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Why letting your dog or cat handle pests is a mistake

Abell Pest Control

Many folks may decide that the best way to deal with an animal intruder is to employ a family pet to save the day. After all, to a small wild critter, your dog or cat can be very frightening. Unfortunately, pest control services are best left to the professionals, as playing exterminator could end up being a dangerous job for your pet. Here's what you need to know:

Your cat

Letting your cat take care of a rodent infestation seems like a timeless solution, but there are a number of health concerns that can come from this strategy. Vetco reported that mice and other common pests such as squirrels or chipmunks are natural prey animals for cats, but can harbor infectious diseases or parasites. In fact, some of these ailments can even be passed to humans.

Mice and other rodents may also encounter different poisons found around the home or neighborhood, and your cat could ingest these toxins. This could require emergency medical treatment.

Your dog

Your pooch, meanwhile, may seem like the perfect guardian from your backyard, but animal encounters could be dangerous. Some creatures like raccoons or even woodchucks may deliver nasty bites if they feel threatened by your dog, while skunks have their own unique defense mechanism. As the Humane Society pointed out, mitigating the stench of a skunk spray can be a long and tedious process.

Some backyard pests could harbor rabies and other diseases, further endangering your dog. For that reason, keeping any pets indoors is a much safer option. Likewise, smaller animals can lure in coyotes or other predators that may turn their attention to your pup if you're not careful. Small dogs especially should be looked after when spending time outdoors, and your best bet is to keep your pets separate from any pests.

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