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Why are rats and mice attracted to restaurants

Abell Pest Control

Rodents can pose a variety of problems for restaurant owners. Not only can the presence of rats and mice be unsanitary and annoying, but they can also make your eatery develop a bad reputation that can be hard to recover from. Before you need to turn to your local pest control experts for help in ridding your restaurants of these rodents, try to understand why these animals seek out restaurants - possibly the places where people least want to see rats and mice.

It's all about warmth and food

In the icy winter or on a cold fall day, many people pop into a restaurant to warm themselves up and get a bite to eat. Well, as Britain's Eat Out magazine explained, rats feel the same way. Rodents often infest pubs, cafes and restaurants because they offer protection from the weather outdoors and they're full of food. Owners who want to keep these disease-carrying pests outdoors should make sure that their building is secure and crack-free. They should keep everything clean, cover garbage completely and make sure food isn't available even if a rat did get in somehow.

Rats can be very creative, the New York State Department of Health pointed out. When rats are looking for a warm place and food, they'll do nearly anything to get inside. So if you do patch up holes, they may still try to burrow through a shallow foundation, come through floor grates, travel through vents, enter through mail slots in the door or even stow away in large food shipments.

How to deal with a rodent infestation

Even if mice or rats don't invade your restaurant's kitchen, they can still cause thousands of dollars of damage by living and nesting in your basement, attic or ceiling, United Wildlife Control explained. Because of the potential expenses that rats can cost your business and the dangerous diseases they may carry, it's important to attack as soon as possible.

There's plenty of advice on the Web when it comes to how to trap and catch rats, but the best method is to contact a commercial pest control business for rat and mouse removal. Restaurants can check for rodents by moving large items in the store room every so often, looking for feces, listening to scurrying when turning off the lights in a basement or pantry, and smelling for an ammonia-like urine smell.

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