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What is geese hazing (and how can it help)?

Abell Pest Control What is geese hazing and how can it help

Geese flying overhead in a V-pattern is usually a sign of winter. However, some geese may choose to linger, making their home in parks, backyards and other residential spaces and quickly create a nuisance for landlords.

The challenge of resident geese

Resident geese can become the bane of existence for those living near them. Several years ago, resident geese populations were near extinction levels. Since regulations to improve their numbers were introduced, the populations have since exploded, The Daily Mail reported. The populations have since exploded, leaving city-goers to fight with these loud and angry birds.

Geese that make their homes in urban areas become a health problem. The Daily Mail cited that geese can eats pounds of grass and create up to one pound of fecal matter per day. That can spread into waterways, transmitting bacteria to human residents. In addition, it can make it difficult for residents to enjoy public spaces, as they sidestep any fecal matter left by these geese.

To handle the problem, residents can invest in geese hazing.

What is geese hazing?

According to, geese hazing is any action - including making loud noises, using dogs or implementing lasers or bright lights - that will make the environment uncomfortable enough for resident geese to seek refuge elsewhere.

Parks are implementing geese hazing along with several other methods. Cities have passed no-feeding policies to deter pedestrians from tossing breadcrumbs to the birds, which can create a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, some park associations have taken to oiling the eggs in order to make repopulating more difficult.

These steps have made a dent in reducing the number of geese in the local populations. According to Jeff Amaral, who leads the Park and Recreation District for Bend, geese have dropped from 500 to about 150 in a given year. In order to keep these numbers low, park officials have to continue to invest in geese hazing, along with these other tactics.

How Abell can help

Abell Pest Control uses dogs for geese hazing. Dogs will bark and chase geese in order to disperse them. Dogs are a low-cost, effective way to get rid of geese, as one semi-private golf course discovered. To learn more about how Abell Pest Control can help minimize the presence of resident geese, speak to one of our representatives today.

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