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Spring break season is upon us and if your hotel is in a popular location for eager vacationers, you know you're expecting a high volume of guests in a short period of time. But nothing will send your patrons packing for another place to stay faster than a bed-bug infestation.

Just a couple of years ago however, USA Today reported that the National Pest Management Association had found unusually high infestations of bed bugs across the country. What were hotel doing wrong? Hospitality managers don't just have a duty to protect their customers from these unsanitary pests, but they actually have a legal obligation. Several states, including: California, Minnesota, Nevada and South Dakota have enforced legislation enforcing hotels to keep a clean shop. Bed bug bites can actually cause serious infections and rashes plus in serious cases, bites can create psychological effects, said the source. That being said, you don't need a law to tell you keeping your establishment pest-free.

As bed bugs in hotels aren't your ideal guests, here's what you can do to keep them out:

How are they getting in?
The first thing you need to understand is how these pests enter your premises in the first place. Bed bugs sneak in via your guests. No one ever brings them in intentionally, but these insects tend to cling to clothing, luggage or any personal belongings excited spring breakers bring with them to your grounds, reported Minnesota Department of Health. The source admitted that there is no fool-proof way to keep bed bugs out of your establishment. Unfortunately, there aren't any pesticides that can detect and zap them before they enter.

Dealing with bed bugs.
Should you become aware that bed bugs have infested your hotel, you'll need to act fast to get rid of them. MDH explained that it's incredibly important for hotel staff to be trained on how to recognize signs of bed bugs, especially those who handle luggage or linens. Stopping a bed-bug break out starts early. A careful inspection should happen every time a bedroom and bathroom is clean. The source said you can look for the following signs:

  • Live bed bugs
  • Black specs
  • Blood stain spots on sheets.

The staff should also be periodically checking behind head boards or any cracks and crevices in the bedrooms. During the cleaning process, dirty linens should be kept far from clean ones and placed in plastic bags. If there are signs of bedbugs MDH said to follow this procedure:

  • Tightly wrap all loose fabrics in garbage bags
  • Wash on the hot cycle and dry on the highest temperature setting
  • Bag non-washable items and place in sun to bake the bed bugs
  • Follow this procedure for surrounding bedrooms and hallways.

Larger non-washable items will pose a problem for you but you need to disinfect everything otherwise you risk another infestation. At this point you'll need professional bed bug removal, and should hire your local pest control service

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