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How to prevent sowbugs from entering the garden

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Sowbugs and pillbugs feed on decaying matter and are crucial in the decomposition process, according to Planet Natural. Although, if these pests are present in large groups, they tend to feed on almost anything in your garden, such as seeds, new roots, leaves and even the fruits and vegetables you're attempting to grow. These pests have coined the nickname "rolly pollies" due to the fact that they often roll up into a ball when they're disturbed.

While scaring the rolly pollies is an effective way to keep them from eating your delicious greens, wouldn't you rather prevent them from entering your garden completely?

Here are a few sowbug prevention tips:

  • Clean up debris
    According to Gardening Know How, sowbug control starts with cleaning up any debris left in the garden. Rolly pollies are attracted to decomposed matter, so it's crucial to eliminate it to get rid of the problem, that being the sowbug problem. Rake up dead plants, wooden planks, and anything that sowbugs may try to hide in. Pay close attention to debris that's close to the foundation, because it's likely to be a spot that holds a lot of moisture which poses as a huge factor in attracting sowbugs.

  • Lure them with cantaloupe
    Have any sweet fruit in your fridge? The source recommends using a cantaloupe to lure in the sowbugs. Simply place the fruit open side down to attract the pests and distract them from destroying your plants. Also, if the garden you're nurturing contains a fruit vine or tree, pay close attention to the fruits that may fall. Clean them up so that they don't attract pests and act as a trail to more sweets.

  • Store firewood off the ground
    Do-It-Yourself Pest Control suggested storing firewood off the ground and far away from your garden. Sowbugs tend to be attracted to the wood, especially if it's wet, because the bugs feed off the moisture. According to the source, "adequate moisture is essential for their survival, and they group in masses to reduce water loss."

  • Seal and repair cracks
    If your garden is gated in or you use a green house, repair and seal any cracks or openings that may pose as an entrance to pests. Seal openings in the foundation walls, around the doors and windows to prevent a potential sowbug infestation.

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