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How to keep flies out of the garbage

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Having flies buzz around your garbage all the time can certainly be exhausting and repulsive. No person wants to be bothered by the annoying sounds of a buzzing pest. However, it can be hard to pinpoint why you have flies in your house. What caused these flies to show up? Why are they here? Once black flies have arrived in your house, they're definitely going to get comfortable. Flies will move from place to place in search of anything they can feed off of. One of the best places to go is the kitchen trash, which is filled with smelly, rotting goods.

Why flies show up

In the warmer months of the year, it isn't uncommon to see flies buzzing around here and there. However, they tend to get into your home in various ways. First, they may have crawled through an air conditioning vent and ended up flying around your home. Or, if you have a cracked screen in a window or door, they may have buzzed through there. Lastly, they might have come through an open door if someone is moving in our out or simply looking to get a little fresh air in the home. Once flies have arrived, they plan to stay. They will end up getting to know any areas of the house where food or trash may be stored. They will even stick around for mere substances on surfaces. If you have any of that - and most people do - you might be in trouble.

Pest control tips

Consider these tips on how to keep flies out of your home.

Keep it clean:

One of the easiest ways to keep flies out of your house is to maintain a clean home. Always wipe down the area around the trash and continuously take out the trash if it is full. If your trash can gets dirty because of a leaking bag, wipe it down with water and vinegar, which will completely kill all the bacteria and the scent that can attract flies.

Put a lid on your can:

Flies are more likely to populate your home if they can smell the rotting food. Keeping a lid on your trash can, even if it moves, will prevent flies from going after your trash all the time.

Use thick bags:

Don't use light plastic bags to line your trash with. These bags will rip and leak frequently. Instead, put in heavy duty bags that will not rip when it's time to take the trash out.

About the author:

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