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How to get rid of flies in your rental home

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Flies are filthy pests to have buzzing around your home. They like to feed on anything, meaning they carry those germs with them. They could bring in bacteria from another site right on to your clean counter. Regardless of whether it's your permanent residence or a rented space, no person appreciates having flies as pets. Consider these tips to eradicate flies from your home.

Why flies can be harmful

As mentioned, flies can feed on anything, including dead carcasses, raw meat and even feces. They know no bounds and can carry dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, E.coli and others. However, they have a unique way of eating their food. If flies happen to land on solid food, they can't eat it. So, what's a fly to do? Spit it back up to make it a liquid and ingest it again, which completely contaminates the food. In a word, gross.

Pest control tips for flies

If you want to keep your meals fly-free, consider these tips.

  • Note their food sources: Flies can't survive without a food source. Though they feed on all types of foods, they prefer a few different types more than others. If you recently moved into a rental home, make sure the place is spotless, Get Rid of Flies Guide stated. Look for things that might attract pests, such as old food, dirty counters or trash. If your home does contain these items, throw them out immediately. During your stay, maintenance is key. Throw out your trash on time, don't let empty bottles and cans lie around and wipe away any spills on counters or floors immediately after they occur.
  • Take notice early: If you see even a few flies during your stay, it's important that you take note of them right away, the San Francisco Chronicle noted. Don't wait and assume that the flies will go away. Flies love to breed in mass quantities, which means your home might be infested before you know it. If you notice the flies early in your stay, contact your landlord to discuss a pest management plan. Depending on what state you live in, he or she may be willing to foot the bill. Regardless, it's important to contact pest professionals to determine if there's a larger problem.
  • Close cracks and crevices: Though you may not expect it, flies are fairly sneaky. They often invade a home through cracks and crevices in windows and doors, as well as openings in roofs and walls. Keep the flies out by surveying your rental home when you get there and looking for any holes. If the hole is big, you may be able to charge your landlord for the costs. Otherwise, it could be your responsibility to take care of the issue.

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