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How to deal with fleas in your rental home

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You're on vacation for a little while and all you want to do is relax. However, your dog can't stop itching and you begin to as well. What's going on? You may have fleas in your temporary residence. Consider these tips for how to deal with fleas.

Why fleas like rental homes

Fleas are unseen pests, the Bug Squad noted. You may not know you have them until your dog begins to itch constantly. Once they're on him, it's only a matter of time before they jump to you. Like bed bugs, fleas are travelers. They hop from people to furniture, to pets and back to people. Rental homes are an ideal spot to infest, since so many people are coming and going. Fleas will also hang around outside in places like the garden. Fleas will wiggle into carpets. Once they're in the carpet fibers, they can lay up to 800 eggs at a time. So, a small problem can quickly become a big one if you don't handle it right away.

There are a few quick tips to attempt to get rid of the fleas. If these tips don't work, it's time to call your landlord to get a pest management professional.

Vacuum: One of the quickest ways to get rid of fleas and their eggs is to vacuum thoroughly. This can suck up any eggs that have found their way into your carpet fibers before they hatch. You'll want to use a machine that's steam-based. If you don't have this type of vacuum, you'll need to go over the carpets a few times.

Check bedding: It's important that you check your own bedding as well as your pet's. Fleas are fans of jumping around in these cozy environments and often don't feel like leaving once they've gotten situated. Wash all the sheets and bedding in hot water and throw them in the dryer. This method will kill all living creatures. If the bedding is really soiled, you may need to replace it.

Check the pet: Look for fleas on your pet. He'll most likely have them. Remove all fleas you can find with a fine-toothed comb and a glass of warm water and soap. Be thorough to ensure that you got all the bugs - you don't want to assume he's clean when he's not.

If these tips don't work, tenants should call their landlord. You have the right to safe housing, and a flea infestation could be putting you in danger. If your landlord refuses to call a pest control company, you can file a complaint against him, the San Francisco Chronicle noted.

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