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Give carpenter ants fewer chances to invade your property

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Any wood structures, whether they're part of a home or a business, can be at the mercy of carpenter ants. These insects could be considered the Incredible Hulk of the ant world - they can hollow out the toughest building supports and cause damage that no homeowners or business proprietors want to deal with.

One way to keep them at bay is to review the outdoor environment from which carpenter ants may enter a building. Carpenter ants are just as attracted to trees and bushes as they are to timber used in structures. Once they've attacked outdoor wood, they're going to look to buildings for more wood, which they can hollow out for nesting areas in places such as wood studs and beams.

Other ways to prevent carpenter ants from getting indoors is to cut back greenery, which limits their opportunity to enter your home or business. That should be followed up with filling foundation cracks and gaps where pipes and wires are attached to the building.

Clean out decayed wood

If a significant carpenter ant problem has already developed, it's best to call a commercial pest service. Experts like those at Abell Pest Control will do a thorough ant control inspection and carry out treatment that will eliminate an infestation of carpenter ants to prevent further damage. They can also consult with building owners to provide information on how to prevent future occurrences.

For instance, wherever there is greenery outside a home or commercial property, there's going to be dead wood. Regular maintenance to cull dead branches from trees and trim shrubs that have decayed will keep down the prospect of more carpenter ants on your premises. Dig out and haul away any old tree stumps that may shelter new nests of carpenter ants.

Don't store firewood directly on the ground. It should be elevated on bricks or concrete blocks. Also, examine firewood carefully before bringing it indoors.

If there's any lumber left on the ground following a construction project, clear it away because those pieces will also draw these destructive ants. Carpenter ants are drawn to moist areas so also repair roof and plumbing leaks, loose chimney flashing and clean out gutters to prevent nesting grounds.

Preventive tactics also include looking for signs that carpenter ants may have returned to your property. If you see piles of sawdust or trails of ants coming from piles of wood outdoors to the foundation of the nearest structure, that's an indication that a new influx has occurred.

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