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Do not let deer mice damage your home

Abell Pest Control

Families living in rural or semi-rural regions are likely no strangers to the wildlife that can accompany such scenic landscapes. Although the various animals living on or walking through your land can be annoying at times, there's nothing worse than when they come into your home.

Deer mice are a common culprit for homes in rural areas, and when they invade, they can cause a lot of damage. Although uncommon in cities, deer mice are prevalent across North America and shouldn't be ignored by homeowners. If you spot a nest or find yourself with mice corpses in the walls that are beginning to smell, it's time to call in the pest control experts.

Pest management services work to eliminate the issue and put efforts in place to prevent further infestations. But in order to call in pest services, homeowners must be able to discover the infestation.

Keep an eye out

Deer mice are usually about 5 to 8 inches long and look similar to house mice. Ranging between gray and reddish in their fur's hue, deer mice have white bellies that are a stark contrast to the rest of the fur with no blending.

These rodents eat insects, spiders and other small pests, as well as seed, nuts and stored food. Homeowners may be able to spot damage to bags of seed, food that was stored in a pantry or nuts being grown.

Deer mice are also loud enough that most homeowners will notice the pests. Sounding like humming, buzzing or a quick pitter patter, deer mice aren't good at keeping a low profile. Homeowners can investigate for the pests in outdoor areas including fence posts and wood piles as well as indoor areas like basements, attics and walls. They'll make a nest out of nearly anything and have been known to chew through walls, barriers and wires.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the deer mice common throughout the U.S. and Canada carry the Sin Nombre strain of the Hantavirus. This virus is communicable to humans and has been tied to death, underscoring the need to prevent or treat infestations of deer mice.

The best prevention against deer mice invasions in your home is to keep weeds and plants trimmed back from your home and short near the foundation. Sealing all cracks and openings can also be an effective effort to stem mice's abilities to enter your house.

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