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Check your hotel room for bedbugs before settling in

Abell Pest Control

Bed bugs are found everywhere, and while hotels should perform pest inspections prior to your check-in, it never hurts to check for yourself.

Make sure you have the proper equipment for a bed bug check. A small flashlight and knowing where to look will give you the best chances of finding any unwelcome guests.

Check the bed

Before you begin, know where to put your suitcases to ensure that the pests won't get into your belongings. Place it on the other side of the room away from the bed or in the bathroom, where there are less likely to be bed bugs. Putting it on the bed prior to checking it for bed bugs can be risky, as these bugs have perfected the art of hitchhiking and will follow you home if given the opportunity.

Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye, are roughly the size of apple seeds and are reddish brown in color. Sizes vary in relation to whether or not the bug has fed. Those which have not will be flat, whereas those that have will be bigger and have a more elongated shape.

Lift the sheet and mattress pad gently and pay close attention to the edging and other nooks and crannies that bed bugs may hide in, including the mattress tag and the upper and lower seams of the mattress. Additionally, if you can remove the headboard, consider doing so and inspecting it as well for excrement, which are tiny black spots that are smaller than poppy seeds.

Look over other areas

The inspection doesn't stop there. Bed bugs can also hide behind wall decor, on nightstands and on luggage stands. After all, these pests are found everywhere, and you never know when you'll encounter bed bugs in hotels. They may have been introduced into the space in someone else's luggage. This is precisely why you should avoid placing your own suitcase on the handy rack until you've given it a thorough inspection.

Know what to do

Whether you've found definite evidence of bed bugs or simply suspect one, let a hotel staff member know as soon as possible. More likely than not, they'll offer you another room immediately. As with the previous space, you should check it over carefully before settling in. Once you're satisfied that the room is free of bed bugs, make yourself at home.

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