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Some types of insects are better at blending into their surroundings than others. Camouflage helps these insects hide from predators and better capture their prey. While they might not hide out in your home, you might find these creatures in your backyard. Some play an important role in natural pest prevention. Keep reading to learn more about these well-hidden insects.

Stick bugs
Phasmids, better known as stick bugs, are called so because they look like living, walking twigs. This camouflage helps them stay away from predators such as birds. They are found throughout North America, though you need a sharp eye to spot them. North American varieties also tend to be smaller than their tropical cousins, according to National Geographic Magazine. The largest stick bug measured over 21 inches!

Generally, stick bugs are herbivores. If you do find one wandering through your yard, it's best to leave it be. It's unlikely that they'll disturb your garden. If anything, they'll make an interesting conversation piece when you bring your guests out into the yard.

Leaf bugs
Other insects hide themselves by mimicking green leaves. In North America, katydids are the most common leaf-like insects. According to the University of Florida, katydids feed mostly on deciduous trees such as oaks. Their predators include frogs, snakes, bats, birds and spiders.

Katydids can become pests for fruit trees when they appear in large numbers. They can damage leaves and citrus fruits, according to the University of California. Katydids can be controlled via chemical means, however some species of parasitic wasps can be used to keep their numbers in check.

Thorn bugs
In Florida, thorn bugs - which look like the thorns on a tree - can pose a threat to some species of trees. According to the University of Florida, they can damage tamarind plants, Jerusalem thorns and date palms. Because they thrive in warmer climates, they can usually be found in all seasons. However, populations of thorn bugs are known to move around in a sporadic nature that isn't well understood. As such, large swarms of the insects can appear and disappear seemingly at random.

Because of their random nature, organic control methods are typically ineffective. If they pose a problem in urban environments, they are best controlled via chemical means. A professional pest control agency will know how to remove them.

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