4 safe ways to manage pests in your home

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You always want to keep a home safe and sound. So, when pests disturb the peace and quiet, homeowners have a tendency to get angry. Handling pests on your own can be dangerous and harmful to your and your loved ones' health. Keep your home safe and pest-free with these simple tips.

  1. Keep the house clean and dry
    One of the easiest ways to keep your home pest-free is by maintaining a clean home and a dry one, the Natural Resources Defense Counsel noted. If something spills on a counter, floor or surface, wipe it up immediately. Don't wait to clean it up until the next day - pests already may have made their way into your home. Always take the garbage out regularly and store garbage in a tightly sealed bin with a heavy lid. If fruit or vegetables begin to rot in your fridge or in a bowl, throw them out. Only keep ripe fruit around. Contain all loose food in properly sealed containers that have lids that snap on or zip up. Always sweep and vacuum to get rid of any stray crumbs or dirt.

  2. Groom your pets
    Regularly wash and brush your pets to ensure that they aren't picking up fleas from the yard or from other animals. Use a flea comb and frequently wash the pets' bedding, which can be a safe haven for fleas. If your pets have an area that they like to hang out in, always vacuum the nearby rugs and upholstery to prevent bugs from getting adventurous.

  3. Keep water out
    If you notice a leak or puddles in your house, fix the problem immediately. Many pests, such as cockroaches and silverfish, love a home with moisture and water, the University of Indiana noted. Keep your home free of these types of pests by calling a plumber to handle the leaky faucet or cracked pipes. Not only will you be preventing pests, but you'll have a dry home. Try to keep kitchen and bathroom areas dry as well, and don't let water sit for too long in dishes in the sink.

  4. Don't invite them in
    It's important that if you notice a small hole, you take care of it. Even if the hole leads from the outside of the house into the basement or garage, it's still a doorway that pests can walk through into your home. Use silicone caulk to hole up the openings. Place screens over cooling and heating vents that lead to your house. Remove all cardboard boxes and chopped wood from near the home and place it in an area that's far away.

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