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There are thousands of different types of businesses in the world, from small mom-and-pop storefronts to massive operations in towering office buildings. But they all have one thing in common: the possibility of pests. Whether it's a company requiring food storage or an office with reams of paperwork to contend with, pests can be a major issue. Here are four types of business most likely to have a pest problem and the need for commercial pest control.

This one is a pretty obvious one. Restaurants are literal storehouses of food and beverages, both of which are extremely attractive to all types of pests: rats and mice, bugs, flying insects, etc. Insect control is particularly important to restaurants since there are strict rules and regulations regarding maintaining sanitary conditions. Failure to adhere to health department regulations can result in a restaurant being shut down. With that in mind, restaurants must maintain daily cleaning standards, including sweeping and mopping, wiping down counters, washing dishes and storing food in the right containers and conditions.

With so many people going in and out on a daily basis, hotels are a buzz of activity. But that buzz might also include bugs that can easily enter through the always opening doors. And that constant flow of guests may also bring their own bugs in the form of bedbugs that hitch a ride in suitcases or clothing. Those bugs, in turn, can be carried back home by other guests. Hotels that have a kitchen also face the same pest issues and regulations as restaurants. It's important for hotels to have a regular bed bug removal cleaning program that includes daily washing of linens, mopping and vacuuming and for hotel staff to learn hot to prevent bedbugs.

Supermarkets and convenience stores
As with restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores should be concerned with food storage issues and controlling the pests that are attracted to food. While serving cooked food isn't the primary focus of these businesses, both have large quantities in stock on the sales floor and in backroom storage areas. In addition, they both can produce large quantities of food-related garbage, such as out-of-date products and spoiled food products. It's important that both have secure trash receptacles and that garbage is removed and disposed of regularly. In addition, spills and other food-related accidents must be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly to prevent fruit flies and other pests.

They may not seem like a hotbed of pest activity, but offices can have their own special bug and rodent problems. For example, while the modern office is primarily digital and computerized, there's still a lot of paper that is passed around and stored. Bugs such as silverfish, cockroaches and lice can feast on reams of paper and cardboard boxes that may be stored indefinitely in cabinets and other even desks. Those out-of-the-way places can also be excellent hiding areas for mice. Meanwhile, employee break rooms and even their desk areas may contain food particles from lunches that provide a meal for pests. To minimize the problems, keep boxes off the ground and in a dry place. Create a program for employees to help maintain cleanliness and vacuum regularly if the office has carpeting for effective mouse control.

Every business is different. But every business has a pest control issue. A pest control expert like Abell Pest Control can work with you to craft a plan that fits your business, your schedule and your budget.

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