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Commercial facilities also need bed bug removal services

Abell Pest Control Commercial facilities also need bed bug removal services

Their name might suggest that bed bugs are strictly found in homes and other residential areas where people sleep and rest. But the small, blood-sucking insects are being discovered in commercial buildings such as offices, schools and libraries as well, which means business owners potentially need bed bug removal services.

It's becoming more common to find bed bugs in work locations, in addition to bed bugs in hotels and in homes. These small bugs can be carried into the buildings by attaching themselves to a worker's clothes, their shoes or other personal belongings.

Bed bugs in public spaces

CBC News reported that the Halifax North Memorial Public Library was shut down twice in September after library staff members found bed bugs on furniture, as well as on CDs and DVDs that had been borrowed and then returned.

Library facility director Terry Gallagher said, "This is a very rare occurrence for the library but any public space is vulnerable to these types of pests. They hitchhike very easily on people or other things."

Meanwhile, the Neil Crawford Provincial Centre in Edmonton was treated for bed bugs in July after the pests were discovered by bug-detecting dogs. The facility was sprayed twice and the special dogs were to be brought back to make a final check. A spokesperson told the Edmonton Journal that building officials were seeking the help of professional pest control experts to determine if further steps were needed.

Immediate action needed

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) recommends workers report sightings of bed bugs in the workplace immediately and collect samples if possible for accurate identification. When the bugs are identified, management should alert all workers and give them information on preventing transporting the bed bugs. The IDPH suggests workers keep their personal items - coats, purses, backpacks, etc. - off the floor and store them in sealed bags or bins if possible.

Finally, IDPH recommend contacting a professional pest control company like Abell Pest Control. A pest control professional can conduct a full inspection of the facility and develop a treatment plan that includes a visual inspection and regularly scheduled treatments.

In addition, a pest control expert like Abell can offer advanced pest control technology such as Electronic Site Management, the most comprehensive pest control program available that can map your facility and deliver instant reports on pest issues facing any facility.

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