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Bed Bugs Take Over Toronto City Buildings

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When you think of a bed bug problem, you automatically think of bugs in beds such as in hotels. Well now, fire stations, community centers and even employment offices are among dozens of city buildings that have battled bed bugs in recent years.

According to documents obtained by CTV Toronto news, there are hundreds of records of bed bug issues in various city facilities.

“There is a big problem at various city building locations with bed bugs,” stated an internal memo from a city custodial supervisor meeting in 2011. “Requests are received daily regarding bed bugs infestation."

Entire buildings have been exterminated including police stations, fire halls and the courtrooms at Old City Hall. Other buildings have been treated several times a pest-control company even urged the city to throw out furniture, in one case.

Bed bugs are to be expected where people are spending a lot of time, such as employment and driver license offices. But they also were found at Toronto Police Service’s 31 Division and pest control recommended that they throw out the lobby furniture. Another 10 police stations also had to be sprayed. In some cases, the bugs were "brought in by a prisoner.”

The city is attacking the problem “very aggressively,” Mike McCoy, Toronto’s director of Facilities Operations told CTV Toronto. “Our greatest sensitivity is that people might take them out of our workplace, if they're there, and take them home, so we treat very aggressively when we get reports.”

The government of Ontario has invested $5 million to support bed bug education and awareness programs and also launched, a website that tells people how to identify and eliminate bed bugs. If left untreated, a bed bug issue can cost thousands of dollars. A reliable and trusted licensed pest control company can help treat and prevent bed bugs infestations.

How to prepare for bed bug removal in your own home (preparation steps):


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