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How to keep birds away from playgrounds

Abell Pest Control

Birds may be fun to look at, but they can also be nuisances. They're particularly annoying when they're around children, who might be frightened by birds' presence. Birds can also act aggressively if they feel threatened and may fly too close to a child. They may also poop on children, which can be dangerous as their feces carries a lot of bacteria. If your child has a backyard swing set, the last thing you want is a flock of birds taking it over. However, if you aren't careful they just might. Consider these tips to keep birds of your child's playground.

Why playgrounds are appealing

At first, you may be surprised when you notice that your backyard playground has a bird problem. However, playgrounds are a good place for birds to settle down. Many of these structures have small cracks and crevices that are perfect for building nests. Many also have a few good places where birds can perch without feeling threatened by other animals in the environment. Playgrounds sit in the backyard, making an ideal spot for birds to come and go as they please. However, these birds won't be pleased when they notice young children running toward their nest filled with eggs. Depending on the species, an attack could ensue.

Pest control tips

Use noise: Certain noisemakers on the market can really throw a bird or flock of birds off, Absolute Bird Control noted. Consider supersonic noisemakers made specifically for birds. These machines can be placed anywhere indoor or out and can be heard for more than a mile. They produce the natural sounds of predatory birds as well as bird distress calls, making your pesky birds believe a threat is in the area. These machines are also waterproof and won't bother you or your children as they sound like the natural environment.

Use reflection: Oddly enough, birds don't like reflective things and believe that it's a threatening bird. Luckily there are many cheap items you can use to scare birds off of your swing set. CDs and reflective tape both work well against them and are easy to find. Simply display these items anywhere on your swing set for an effective bird deterrent.

Use spikes: If you've tried the other two options and these birds keep coming back, consider investing in bird spikes. These spikes prevent birds from getting too comfortable on your playground by preventing them from perching on ledges. Place the spikes on popular areas that birds like to sit for the greatest effect. Of course, it won't make your playground very aesthetically pleasing, but it'll keep birds away.

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