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Welcome to Abell’s articles section, here you will find a myriad of useful information about common indoor and outdoor pests for both residential and commercial environments, preventative tips for avoiding infestations as well as practical do it yourself solutions for keeping them away from your home and business.

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Get to know house centipedes and how to prevent them

House centipedes are frightening pests, especially if you've never seen one before. They're the creepy crawlers from your nightmares, with undetected, quick movements and long legs. Consider these tips to prevent house centipedes in your home.

How to choose a pest control company

As much as you'd like to get rid of the pests that have been mounting in your garden or have entered your food storage areas inside the house, you may not be able to do it alone. That's where the professionals come in. But if you've never contacted a pest control service before, be a good consumer and do your research first.

What you need to know about rabies

There are plenty of reasons to want to keep animals off your property. Creatures large and small can be a nuisance, and many harbor infectious disease that can be a risk to your home or business.

Protecting potted plants from insects

A potted plant is an excellent addition to any home or office. Researchers at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the Chungnam National University in Korea found that interacting with houseplants reduced stress in study participants. They can also be beneficial because some species aerate a room or be useful herbs for cooking. What's more, taking care of potted plants may simply represent a hobby.

What to do when you find a mouse

The humble house mouse might not seem like a serious intruder, but keeping these little creatures out of your home is important. They can gnaw on woodwork or wires and cause real damage, and their droppings can be hazardous to you and your family.

What risk does an opossum pose to your home

One of the most unique animals in all of North America, the opossum is also a feisty and problematic pest. These animals do quite well in urban areas and have a knack for sniffing out a free meal. Likewise, it's not uncommon to find a family of opossums living in your home or garage.

Proactive-Protecting your property from pests

Animals such as raccoons and opossums are troublesome visitors to your property. Not only can they cause issues around the yard, but sometimes they're able to infest your home, creating a much more serious problem.

What is geese hazing_How can it help

Geese flying overhead in a V-pattern is usually a sign of winter. However, some geese may choose to linger, making their home in parks, backyards and other residential spaces and quickly create a nuisance for landlords.

Spring Break_Bed bug protection

Spring break season is upon us and if your hotel is in a popular location for eager vacationers, you know you're expecting a high volume of guests in a short period of time. But nothing will send your patrons packing for another place to stay faster than a bed-bug infestation.

Ottawa parks swept for ticks

Canada is overrun with ticks, a common problem not only within the country but in the U.S. as well, particularly the Northeast area. In an effort to reduce the chances of people contracting Lyme disease, health officials are canvassing various public parks to track down and test the stubborn pests.

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