Wasps can be an outdoor and indoor problem for property owners

Abell Pest Control Wasps can be an outdoor and indoor problem for property owners

Wasps like to eat as much as we do, and they seem to like the same foods. Meat and sweet drinks, so abundant during outdoor eating on patios, decks and backyards, are just the menu these pests are drawn to during summer. But their forays into our outdoor areas don't stop at the back door.

Most of us are prepared for flying insects when we're having a barbecue or just relaxing with an ice tea on the porch. We bring out the citronella candles, bug spray and insecticide regularly. Those who know they can have a serious allergic reaction to a wasp sting equip themselves with injectors filled with epinephrine to treat against anaphylaxic shock in case they're stung.

Indoors and outdoors

Anticipating that we may confront wasps inside our homes is another matter, but one that occurs more frequently than people realize. Wasps can actually populate an indoor environment in large numbers if they find enough sustenance to keep them there. The fact that, unlike bees, they can sting more than once is reason enough for homeowners to take this problem very seriously.

In addition to trees and outdoor eaves, the interior spots where wasps are likely to build nests of papery pulp are attics and the spaces between walls. Given the variety of places in which these pests can live, it's possible for an infestation to develop without homeowners noticing.

If you encounter a wasp nest, it may be tempting to try to deal with the problem on your own, but the risks are high. To be safe, call the experts at a professional pest management firm like Abell Pest Control and they'll undertake the task with the know-how and thoroughness that those familiar with pest removal learn from experience.

Steps to prevention

Storing food and drinks in sealed containers as often as possible is key to discouraging wasps from taking up residence in our homes or from bothering a social gathering outdoors. But keep in mind they'll come after what food is discarded as much, if not more, than the food that's being kept.

That's why securing trash receptacles with tight-fitting lids and placing the bins a distance from our houses is so important. By putting some space between your home and the trash that may draw wasps, you're reducing the opportunities for the pests to follow you indoors.

For the most effective home pest control, teach all family members about ways to keep wasps from populating your property and practice good habits that will keep them away.

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