The best ways to keep birds off your roof

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The sounds of birds outside your home can be enjoyable, but their presence usually isn't. This pest will poop all over your driveway or car, and may even attack you if it feels threatened. Usually birds don't travel alone either, so you may be dealing with a stubborn flock on your roof. So how do you get rid of these nuisances? Consider these tips to keep birds off your roof.

Get to know the enemy

Before you try to get these birds off your roof, you need to do research on them, Avian Control Inc noted. Find out what kind of bird you have coming to visit your roof. Some species are endangered, so if you do anything that threatens their habitat you may have local environmental groups upset with you. Research will also teach you what these birds like and don't like, so you may find out a few natural ways to deter them from your roof. There are many nonviolent options that will help save you money and the trouble of having people upset with you.

Pest control tips

Use decoys: One simple way to scare birds off is by buying a few decoys. These plastic predators can help frighten any birds who are bothering you. They usually are a fake hawk or owl and can be placed just about anywhere. Sometimes they may even come with sound, which can repel birds even more effectively.

Try reflection: For some reason, birds aren't big fans of reflective items as they believe it's a sign of a predator. If you have an issue with birds perched on your roof, using a few reflective things can help keep bird away. Try placing CDs or even reflective tape near your roof for the most effectiveness. While it may look a little ridiculous, it'll help eliminate the problem. After a few months you may be able to take down these reflective pieces as the birds will have moved on to another area.

Consider sound: if neither of the above options work for you, think about using a sonic machine, Enki Village recommended. These noisemakers release the sounds of predatory birds and bird distress calls. They are also waterproof and like the decoys, can be placed anywhere - indoor or out. The sounds won't bother you or your family, as they are no different than the normal sounds of the environment.

Use spikes: If you've tried the other two options and these birds keep coming back, consider investing in bird spikes. These spikes prevent birds from getting too comfortable on your playground by preventing them from perching on ledges. Place the spikes on popular areas that birds like to sit for the greatest effect. Of course, it won't make your playground very aesthetically pleasing, but it'll keep birds away.

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