Spider webs are a sure sign of a pest problem

Abell Pest Control Spider webs are a sure sign of a pest problem

Unlike lots of pests, spiders give a pretty clear indication when they're around. The webs they form, whether they're in homes or businesses, are the telltale sign that they're present. If your business is in retail, that's not going to make a good impression on your customers.

First of all, spider webs are thought by most people to be a sign of neglect. They can arise in dusty places where housekeeping has fallen behind, and that's not the best way to win new consumers. Second, many people are just plain afraid of spiders because they have an image of poisonous bites coming from these many-legged pests.

But people also think of spiders as insects, and that's incorrect - they're part of the arachnid family - so other assumptions may be wrong as well. For one thing, most spiders found in homes and businesses aren't poisonous. The exceptions are black widows and brown recluses, whose bites require people to seek medical attention.

What is true is that spiders spin webs that are going to turn customers off. When it's obvious it's not just an occasional spider visiting your place of business, it's time to call a commercial pest control company like Abell Pest Control. They'll come in to evaluate your circumstances, address the problem with a treatment plan and advise you on how to keep spiders from returning.

Double up on cleaning

Just because spiders have been seen by customers in the front of a store doesn't mean the problem lies there. More than likely, the pests have been multiplying in a warehouse or storage room.

As with home basements and attics, spiders are attracted to these out-of-the-way spaces and will begin to populate when they settle into an area that hasn't been cleaned out or disturbed for a while. Clearing away clutter that's accumulated over time is a good way to begin eliminating a potential hideaway for spiders.

Once the clutter issue is solved, a regular maintenance program that includes vacuuming, dusting and sweeping is the best way to prevent them from coming back. Vacuuming is particularly effective because it can suck up not just webs, but spider eggs and the adult pests as well.

If you plug spaces under your doors with door sweeps or plug wall cracks, you can eliminate common entry points for spiders. In addition, attacking other pest problems will eliminate some of the insects that spiders normally eat.

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