Simple ways to get rid of dust mites

Abell Pest Control Simple ways to get rid of dust mites

If you're constantly sneezing in your home and you can't figure out the problem, the answer may be dust mites. According to the Allergy Asthma Technology LLC, dust mites are a very common allergen that are found all over the country. They tend to live primarily in homes, usually in bedrooms and other frequently visited rooms such as the living room. Dust mites can be found in furniture, carpets, curtains, clothing, towels and even stuffed animals. The "waste product" of the dust mites is what causes your allergic reaction, according to the source.

While this pest can come across as almost invisible, it's not impossible to eliminate them. Getting rid of the dust mite issue in your home can help rid your allergies and take you back to a time that didn't involve sneezing every other minute. Here are five simple ways to eliminate your dust mite infestation.

  1. Consider using dust mite covers
    Dust mites are living in your personal bedroom more than any other room in your residence, because the bed tends to be their go-to place to reside. Consider investing in dust mite covers to wrap up your pillow, mattress and box spring - this is a quick way to evict them.
  2. Wash your sheets weekly
    One easy way to eliminate the presence of dust mites in your bed is to wash your sheets and pillow covers weekly in hot water - this is an important step to take even if you are using dust mite covers.
  3. Pay attention to humidity levels
    According to Allergic Living magazine, the best way to attack your dust mite problem is by making sure your home is too dry for the pests to strive. Try to maintain a humidity level that stays between 40 and 50 percent at all times.
  4. Wear a mask while cleaning
    If your allergies are extreme, you should wear a mask while dusting and vacuuming to avoid inhaling allergens. After cleaning, consider leaving your home for at least 20 minutes to let left over dust particles settle.
  5. Replace carpeting One of the most common places for dust mites to live is in the carpet. If you want to eliminate their residency in the floor, consider replacing carpeting with tile or wood flooring. This will help reduce your dust mite problem and it'll also make cleaning the floors much easier!

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