Ongoing basement maintenance helps pest control efforts

Abell Pest Control Ongoing basement maintenance helps pest control efforts

The basement is sometimes overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance and house cleaning. But it's more likely to draw pests that thrive in dark, dank areas because it doesn't always get the same attention as upstairs rooms that are in full view.

Many bugs thrive in humid and wet conditions found in basements, attics and crawl spaces under porches, so pest inspection is needed in these spots. Even insects like centipedes, which are typically outdoor pests, will find their way into your home if the conditions are right.

Block pests' entry

Piles of mulch or dead leaves that collect in wells outside basement windows and doors are sure to get wet during rainstorms and attract outside pests. By clearing away this debris and the stagnant water that puddles around it, you can reduce the incidence of outside pests coming indoors.

Small foundation cracks, sweating pipes, gaps around utility and cable connections - all may draw garden pests as well as those that breed indoors to moist situations. For instance, although they're drawn to different types of food indoors, both silverfish and cockroaches like moisture and humidity.

By addressing leaks that allow moisture to build inside and installing a dehumidifier in a basement with a chronic humidity problem, homeowners can reduce the insect population significantly. If more help is needed, a pest control service like Abell Pest Control can customize a treatment plan to deal with the issue thoroughly and make recommendations on how to prevent a recurrence.

Clear away dank conditions

Other indoor conditions that are common in basements may attract pests, including rodents. Since most communities only have one trash collection each week, homeowners often store garbage in their basements until trash days. If you're among them, make sure the cans always have covered lids and don't allow the trash to accumulate week to week.

Repair or replace damaged window and door screens. Tears and holes in screens are like an open invitation for insects to enter your house. While you're at it, clean the windows, dust sills and window trim and clear away any mold that may have developed.

Silverfish are particularly attracted to basements where stored items haven't been moved in ages. They reside near old clothing, books, stored papers and family keepsakes, but may go unseen for a few years until you move a box and discover they're comfortably ensconced underneath it. Clearing away the clutter will reduce the likelihood of silverfish lurking in your basement.

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