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Make your restaurant the last place mice will want to visit

Abell Pest Control

Mice are the last visitors that restaurant owners want to see on their premises. In spite of best efforts by the proprietors to prevent their appearance, these pests may find a way into an eatery, and not always in the obvious places.

Mice want to get indoors when the elements make life outdoors uncomfortable, even in summer, and where they're pretty sure they'll find something to eat. Unfortunately, they can nest just about anywhere, so restaurant managers should be on the lookout for signs that mice may have invaded their basement, storage rooms, ceiling or walls as well as any place where food is nearby.

Obvious signs of the presence of mice are feces pellets, the smell of urine - similar to ammonia - and the sound of scurrying across floors and behind structures like walls. If you put on a light in a darkened area, the sound of mice running will be a tip-off that they've taken up residence on your property. By moving stored items, the pests also may run into the open.

If there are enough signs that mice are indeed on the premises of your restaurant, it's time to call a professional pest control service like Abell Pest Control for mouse removal. They'll gauge the extent of your rodent problem, customize a treatment plan for you and assess the conditions that can be improved to prevent future infestations.

Maintenance is key

Aside from cleanliness and proper storage of food inside the restaurant, outdoor maintenance will also help prevent mice from infiltrating your property. Mice are known for squeezing through the narrowest cracks in a structure or burrowing through a shallow foundation. But they can also travel through floor grates, chimneys and vents, which should be secured with screening.

They may also get onto your property as a stowaway in shipments to your business. The large number of food deliveries and locations where they come from open up lots of possibilities for mice to enter your restaurant. Careful inspection of your deliveries as they arrive and working with reputable purveyors who are also serious about mouse control will help you keep the rodent population down.

Maintaining a trash disposal area that's as clean as possible is also important to keep the pests from your premises. Washing out garbage receptacles regularly and keeping them closed with tight-fitting lids will help significantly. By keeping a fair distance between the trash area and your building, you'll also limit the opportunities for mice to make an easy entry into your restaurant.

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