Tips for preventing pigeons from eating birdseed

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Pigeons can be big bullies sometimes, especially when it comes to birdseed. If you set up a bird feeder or table and are excited to see various types of birds, there may be one type you won't be happy with: the pigeon. These birds are large and love to hog food, meaning they could scare off your other birds. Consider these pest management tips to prevent pigeons from eating your birdseed.

Why pigeons like birdseed

Pigeons aren't picky eaters - they'll eat just about any food they encounter. VCA Hospitals noted that pigeons are happy to eat a variety of grains, seeds, greens, berries and fruits as well as insects, earthworms and snails. Birdseed is no exception. Pigeons will force other birds away from a feeder if they like what's inside. Normally, they may become attracted to a seed because it's fallen out of the feeder. Bird feeders naturally lose food as birds peck at them. Those leftovers attract bigger birds such as pigeons and crows, and other types of pests such as rats or squirrels. None of these pests are good - their presence will scare off the desired small birds. Larger birds such as pigeons are such common pests that people don't have to have a hunting permit to kill them.

Keep pigeons away from your bird feeders

If you take pleasure in viewing different birds in your backyard, consider these pest control tips from Wild Birds to prevent the birds you don't want to see from swooping in.

  • Be clean:
    One of the best ways to keep all pests away is to stay on top of fallen birdseed. Collect the fallen seed daily to prevent pigeons, squirrels and rats from feeding on it. Use gloves when you pick it up, since it could have bacteria from these pests.

  • Relocate your feeders:
    If your pigeons have become too familiarized with the location of your feeder, completely move it to throw them off. Pigeons will go to the old spot and assume that their source of food is gone.

  • Take a hiatus:
    Temporarily stop putting food in the feeders. Yes, you won't be able to witness any other birds for a week, but it'll cause pigeons to look elsewhere for food.

  • Figure out food preferences:
    If you notice that pigeons are fond of one type of seed that you use, change it. Pigeons may not like the new type of seed and move on.

  • Guard your feeder:
    Placing your feeder or table in a cage will allow little birds to access the food by wiggling through without the bigger ones getting through.

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