Simple ways to keep animals out of your garden

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Certain animals, such as rodents, squirrels and skunks, can be true menaces to a garden. Some homeowners may become angry and scramble to grab a BB gun or slingshot. However, this may not be the best method of eradicating these pests from your yard. Consider these tips to keep animals away from your garden and your fruits and vegetables.

Identify and investigate the enemy

As the saying goes, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Well, the same can go for pests. Like any foe, the first thing you should do is figure out what pest is causing the trouble, Gardener's Supply Company noted. Once you zone in on a primary suspect, it's important you learn about it. Get to know its daily habits, and find out what it does and doesn't like. Gathering this information will help you develop the perfect plan of attack.

Eliminate the desire

If the goal is the garden, take away its attractive qualities that may draw animals in. If you know you have a skunk problem, lessen the amount of grubs - a skunk's favorite snack - you have in your yard by planting certain shrubs, Mike's Backyard Nursery recommended. If you have too many squirrels running around your yard, try to eliminate spilled bird seed. Got a raccoon problem? Camouflage and protect your compost pile. These preventative measures may eradicate a problem before it starts.

If you have a significant problem, it may be time to take thing's up a notch.

Use a scent

Animals can't stand certain scents. Homeowners may be able to ward off animals with garlic or predator urine.

Try plants

Specific plants, such as castor bean and fritillaria, drive rodents crazy and may keep them away from your garden if planted in the right place. You also can plant marigolds, which have been known to repel a variety of animals too.

Insert decoys

Reflective tape, specific objects, noisemakers and ultrasonic systems may keep animals from daring to go near your garden. Depending on what animal you have, find out which natural repellent may work best for you.

If none of these tricks work, it may be time to call in the experts. Call pest management professionals to fully eliminate your problem. They can eradicate the pests before they decide to shift from your garden to your home, or choose to have offspring.

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