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There are many creatures to consider when managing home pest control. One bug that can wreak havoc on your property is the clothes moth.

These winged pests are attracted to organic materials, including wool, cashmere and fur. However, they aren't the same bugs that are out in the open, flying around lights. Adult clothes moths are only 1/2 inch, and they're not the culprits that eat holes through articles of clothing. It's their larvae, which are less than 1/2-inch long.

Know the species

There are two species of clothes moths - the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth. Both feed on textiles as larvae.

The casemaking species creates and carries a case from its food. To make detection even more difficult, the cases take on the color of the fabric that's been ingested. These pests can feed from either end of the case and withdraw into it when they feel threatened.

The webbing clothes moths spin silk webs to create a network of temporary feeding tubes. They leave behind this webbing when they move on to other areas to feed.

Recognize an infestation

Both species prefer darkness, so they can be difficult to detect. If you suspect that your closet is hosting these pests, look in dark areas of the closet and inspect hiding spots on the clothing, such as the underside of collars. Keep an eye out for tubes or webbing that may be an indication of clothes moths. These destructive bugs can travel from room to room, so prevention through daily practices can help protect your home against these pests.

Prevent potential problems

Clothes moths can be found on apparel and in bird and rodent nests, underscoring the importance of complete pest management at home.

Clothes moths rarely nest on clothing that's frequently worn. If there are articles that are rarely used, consider storing them away in airtight bags or storage bins. For the clothes that are left out, clean them regularly and thoroughly. Any clothes moths that are already present can be rid of with a wash using hot water or dry cleaning.

Address the closet as well by vacuuming and scrubbing down the space. This will ensure that any moths that managed to escape the cleaning won't have further opportunities to infest your closet.

If you experience an infestation, don't hesitate to reach out to a pest control company such as Abell Pest Control. These professionals can take care of the problem and advise you on best practices that'll keep your home pest-free.


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