How to keep mice and rats out of your yard

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Rats and mice are the ultimate pests who have no bounds - every country has these vermin. Mice and rats will go wherever there's food, be it your cabinet, yard or garage. Most rats and mice will initially live in wooded areas or fields, but slowly creep into more populated areas. Consider these tips to keep rats and mice out of your yard.

Common behaviors of mice and rats

Mice and rats have a few particular characteristics that may annoy homeowners, the University of Georgia noted. As mentioned, they normally aim for food. So, they'll follow any trail of crumbs, even if it leads to your house. Mice and rats often carry diseases too. If they encounter your food or eating areas, they could make you very sick, as the bacteria they carry are harmful to humans. Mice and rats are also fans of people's trash. They'll happily invade dumpsters and trash cans looking for a snack. If there's one mouse, there are more. Mice and rats are sneaky creatures and normally will come out at night, when it's quiet.

However, there are a few differences between mice and rats. If it's a mouse, there will be a musty odor. If it's a rat problem, the droppings will be the size of raisins. Homeowners can detect which kind of animal is in their house by laying down some flour. This will help catch the footprints of either pest.

Tips to prevent mice and rats

There are a few simple pest management tips to keep mice and rats out of your yard.

  • Be mindful of birdseed: Birdseed can attract rats and mice as a source of food. Keep them out by monitoring the amount of birdseed on the ground, Rats in the Attic stated. If you notice seed, remove it from the area and throw it out. Be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself.
  • Keep garbage cans closed: Buy cans that can't be permeated by any sort of pest. Rats and mice aren't the only pests who are fans of trash. Raccoons and skunks are too. Keep them all out by purchasing solid plastic or metal bins with a hard top that can't be opened. Keep the lids on the trash at all times, even if the garbage is full.
  • Manage pet food: Rats and mice also like pet food. Keep your dog's or cat's food in a tightly sealed container if you keep it outside. Make sure that there are no holes in the bag that can cause some to trickle out into your yard.

These are just a few suggested tips to follow. If you've got a serious pest problem, call a mouse or rat exterminator to handle it.

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