How to keep cockroaches out of your office

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A cockroach infestation can be a problem anywhere, and offices are no exception. If you have cockroaches crawling around your workspace, you may deter potential business or be distracted from your daily set of tasks. You may also be more likely to get sick. Consider these tips to keep cockroaches out of your office.

Why cockroaches like offices

There are a few reasons why this pest might invade your office. The University of Minnesota noted that cockroaches need two resources to survive: water and food. Sadly these resources are plentiful in an office. Between the kitchenette sink, the water cooler, the fridge and all the lunches, cockroaches can truly have a field day. Though this isn't the most common spot to find this pest, cockroaches will gladly crawl through cracks and crevices in a building and infest it quickly. Before you know it, cockroaches will be eating your lunch before you have a chance to dig in.

Pest control tips

Keep it clean: One of the first ways you can keep a few cockroaches from entering your office is to prevent filth, the California Department of Public Health advised. Ask all employees to clean up after themselves, whether that means wiping down eating surfaces, cleaning up crumbs or throwing out trash in a timely manner. You will also want to make sure the building has a cleaning crew that regularly vacuums and discards of the garbage each night instead of every few days. Maintaining a clean, food-free office can prevent attracting cockroaches and other types of pests.

Organize regularly: Clutter is a cockroach's best friend. They love to hide under any shelter they can find if they suspect humans are around. That means any paper, books or cardboard boxes are all to blame for hosting cockroaches. Keep these items organized or throw them out if you're not using them. This is especially important if you have a storage room.

Manage the sink: Sometimes office sinks tend to be ignored, and may fill up with dishes and even food. This isn't good, as sinks become a perfect breeding ground for cockroaches. Always wash dishes and dry them right away to prevent water from pooling. You also want to throw out any leftover food instead of placing it in a sink, which may not have a garbage disposal.

Recognize the problem: If you do develop a cockroach infestation, don't try to handle the issue yourself. Instead call a pest management company that can properly remove this pest, which is hard to get rid of. Using pesticides can only harm you and your colleagues.

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