4 ways to keep pests out of grocery stores

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Customers want to come to a grocery store and purchase clean, organized and aesthetically pleasing food. Yet that vision is ruined by the arrival of one thing - pests. Rodents, flies and other insects can truly ruin a grocery store's profitability, Supermarket News stated. They may break into food product, scare customers or begin to nibble at fresh produce. Regardless of their actions, it could send people headed for the hills, leaving your grocery store in a rut. Consider these tips to keep pests out.

  1. Inspect deliveries
    Grocery stores get food deliveries all the time. It's important that staff inspect each of these boxes for pests before the food is distributed and put on the floor, the Massachusetts Food Safety Partnership stated. There may be a hidden cockroach or set of eggs that were inside a factory and somehow made its way into food boxes. Noticing any infested boxes and notifying your managers can help keep pests off the main floor and away from the food.
  2. Notice cracks and crevices
    Pests can come into a grocery store from a factory, but they can also come in from the outdoors. If doors are cracked or windows and screens have holes in them, insects and rodents can easily find their way inside. If you realize there's a hole somewhere, let others know or take care of it yourself. Ignoring these problems can only welcome pests and cause more to arrive at the store.
  3. Keep it clean
    It's only natural that from time to time a grocery store gets dirty. There may be spills in the aisle from a customer or a leaking container of food. With this dirtiness comes pests. So, if you see a spill or realize that food is leaking, take it off the floor and clean the spot where the food was. Keep storage rooms clean and dry, as well as organized. It'll make finding product easier, and save you from a few unwanted surprises. Always inform a supervisor about a leaky faucet or a clogged drain that could create mold and invite visitors.
  4. Throw away trash and cover garbage
    Open garbage also welcomes rodents and insects. Always throw away any cardboard or other forms of trash, and cover dumpsters and garbage bins. Not only will it stop a grocery store from getting smelly, it will prevent any pests from getting too cozy.

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