3 tips to keep your bathroom pest free

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You might have noticed that, with the exception of the kitchen, you find more pests in your bathroom than in the rest of your home. This is because insects and rodents see the bathroom as a convenient watering hole. Pests love leaky pipes and standing water because these offer them a hydrating oasis in the otherwise dry biome that is your house or apartment. And if your bathroom develops mold, all the better for pests, who may eat fungus or use it to lay their eggs.

Thankfully, by following just a few tips, you can keep pests out for good. However, if you feel like your problem has gotten out of control, you may want to consider calling a professional pest control service that can use environmentally safe methods to remove the infestation.

  1. Deep clean your bathroom once every two months
    The exact amount of time between deep cleanings will depend on how many people use your bathroom, with what regularity they use it and how humid the air is - but for most homes, two months is a good figure. Deep cleaning means doing more than a simple wipe-down of surfaces, it means getting into the little nooks and crannies and cleaning out anything that might growing there. Put on your rubber gloves, grab a fresh sponge, and use a spray bottle of bathroom cleaner to get into those hard-to-reach places.
  2. Quick clean your bathroom once a week
    Every week, give your bathroom a quick cleaning to remove any dampness that may have built up. During this cleaning, pay special attention to the floor around your tub, toilet and sink. Hair and pet dander can build up in corners, so give these a sweep with a damp cloth. Wipe down surfaces such as the bathtub, toilet seat and tank, as well as the vanity counter top. Alexandra Churchill, writing for Martha Stewart Living, recommended scrubbing your shower liners with a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water.
  3. Check for leaky pipes
    This tip is especially important if you plan on going for a long trip. Before you even start packing for your vacation, do a quick check of all the pipes in the house. This will only take you a few minutes, but it will ensure you don't come home to any surprises. Popular Mechanics even suggested turning off the main water supply during long absences. Small leaks can usually be fixed with a few parts from the local hardware store, but larger problems may necessitate a professional.

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