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Stop spiders from settling in your retail space

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Many homeowners and gardeners see spiders as beneficial guests. They eat pests and insects that can cause damage to plant life, contaminate food and even carry disease. But, despite these benefits that spiders bring to the table, in a retail space they can deter customers and make people feel uncomfortable.

The majority of spiders that are found in homes or stores aren't poisonous, although the black widow and brown recluse are. If bitten, people need immediate medical attention, and that can spell big trouble for a store or retail area. Many species of spiders also spin webs, which can make a commercial area seem dirty or old.

If you own or are running a retail store and spot a spider infestation, you may want to contact your local pest control services. Spiders spend a significant amount of time outdoors, but in the colder months they may make their way indoors for protection, so it may be a good idea to check frequently and consider a pest inspection.

However, if you don't have a problem with spiders in your retail space, there are ways that you can work proactively to prevent them from making a new home and scaring away your customers.

Check the back room

For retailers, the spider nuisance is out front with the customers, but the source may be in the warehouse, storeroom or back room. The National Pest Management Association pointed to dark, undisturbed areas like basements and attics as the most common spaces for spiders to live. This could mean that the source of your spider issues may be on top of that high stack of boxes near the loading dock.

Check these spaces frequently and avoid clutter to prevent spiders from settling in your space.

Vacuum regularly

As the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment explained, spider prevention is often as easy as routine cleaning. Sweeping, cleaning and especially vacuuming can help destroy spider webs, their eggs and even the spiders themselves.

Limit entry to your store

Spiders may be getting into your retail space under the back door or through a crack in the wall. Talk to the space's owner about fixing any minor cracks, holes or gaps to prevent spiders from coming indoors. You can also add sweepers at the bottoms of doors to prevent easy entry of spiders and other pests.

Get rid of their food sources

Spiders will only stay where they can eat. If you can eliminate the other pests that spiders like to eat, they likely won't have any interest in staying no matter how great your store is.

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