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Stop centipedes from crawling through your restaurant

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Although often an issue for residential properties, centipede infestations can cause serious image problems for restaurants as well when they start appearing in infestation-level quantities. Some restaurants have been plagued by rumors that can hurt business, like about people finding centipedes in their noodles.

But regardless of myths and urban legends, pests like centipedes can cause serious distrust and discomfort in customers who spot the bugs in the dining area, the bathroom or even the kitchen. Additionally, centipedes can bite customers, which, although not dangerous and only about as painful as a bee sting, can still hurt business.

To prevent centipedes from infringing on your business' success, consider calling in pest management services to eliminate the problem and keep your cook space sanitary. Although pest services can come to the rescue for restaurants with insect infestations, sometimes the best course of action can be to identify the problem and nip it in the bud with prevention efforts.

Know what you're looking for

Centipedes rarely have exactly 100 legs, but they may have anywhere between 15 and 177 pairs! Grayish yellow with stripes on their backs, centipedes are most active at night, so they may be hard to spot. Each pair of legs is connected to a different body segment, so their length determines leg number and vice versa.

Normally eating other pests, including flies, cockroaches and spiders, most centipedes originate outdoors. Like many other pests, centipedes are attracted to damp areas, which explains why they're frequently spotted in showers and bathrooms. Although these spots may be temporary havens, centipedes can survive better in closets, pantries and storerooms.

Stop centipedes from becoming a problem

Although centipedes can live for years, they create a relatively small number of offspring - no more than 150. Because they often come indoors from nearby areas, the best way to prevent centipedes from coming to your restaurant is to eliminate potential habitats outside. This can be anything from a concrete slab to the area underneath a garbage can - places that are damp, dark and rotting.

They can also enter through concrete block walls and cracks in the foundation. Owners should take efforts to seal these holes as well as add screens to any uncovered pipes or drains.

One of the best ways to avoid further issues with centipedes is to attack their food source, which is other pests - some that you may not know about. Pest management services can assist restaurants in eliminating all their pests to create an environment where customers will feel comfortable.

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