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Stop ants from invading your cabinets

Abell Pest Control

Every summer, families have to deal with the rise in insect activity. For some people, that may mean taking extra precautions to prevent ants from infesting their kitchens and contaminating their food. Ants are such an annoyance to humans because of the similarities in our tastes for foods. This leads many ants to forage in people's homes looking for sweet, protein-rich and greasy foods.

Unfortunately for many homeowners, food gathering may not be the only reason why ants are in their homes. Although some forage inside then trek back outdoors, certain species, like pharaoh ants and pavement ants, will make a nest inside the actual house where the queen can lay eggs to create more pests. Families who discover this to be the issue often turn to pest control services for assistance in getting their unwanted guests out.

For homeowners who are concerned about the damage the ants can do to their home and their pantry, there are efforts that can be taken to help prevent them from establishing a nest in your home.

Prevent ants by limiting access

One of the easiest ways to keep ants from raiding your kitchen is to securely close any food. This means you may need to transfer any crackers, cereal and other snacks into sealable plastic or glass containers. This will stop ants from getting to your food as well as keep it from going stale in the humid months.

Another important prevention step is to close up any cracks or openings, Care2 recommended. Whether it means caulking a windowsill or just making sure the door is shut, shutting off access is an excellent deterrent and can stop an infestation before it begins.

Don't take matters into your own hands

Many websites and blogs have home remedies and insecticide advice for homeowners, but it's usually not the most effective way to get rid of the problem permanently.The ants most people see are only a small percentage of the colony. Spraying your cabinets or countertops where you spotted the foraging ants will only temporarily disrupt the colony, which is likely much larger and still infesting your home or yard. The elimination of the queen and nest is the best solution.Professional pest control services are the best to tackle jobs like this because of their experience and expertise.

About the author:

Abell Pest Control is a family owned Canadian company dedicated to providing effective, professional and courteous service in pest management. Abell is proud to announce its 90th year of providing quality pest control services to North America. Started in 1924 with one office, Abell now employs several hundred people with branch offices across Canada and the United States.

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