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Shut the doors of your warehouse to cockroaches

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While many people are able to prevent cockroaches from infesting their homes, it's much harder when you're trying to manage a large warehouse property. Cockroaches will try to go anywhere where there's the smallest amount of food, water and shelter, and warehouses seem like the perfect place for them to settle and not be bothered.

Although they make themselves scarce when you come around, cockroaches can spell serious problems for your business. As Los Angeles County's Department of Public Health warned its community, cockroaches can carry diseases, contaminate food, cause damage to cardboard and paper, and smell bad in large numbers, contributing to an unsanitary environment. They can also set off workers' allergies and asthma. Some of the diseases that cockroaches have been known to carry include Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Shigella.

When you find an infestation, it's important to contact your local pest control services for help eliminating these resilient pests. But you may be able to avoid having cockroaches invade your warehouse in the first place by preventing them from getting what they need.

Get rid of food and water

You don't have to forbid food and water from your warehouse, which is impossible for many commercial food distributors, but you should limit access. Store all food in glass or plastic sealable containers, according to the University of California Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources. The other main source for cockroach food is garbage. You should keep garbage tightly closed and inaccessible. Also keep recycling and other trash in a well-lit area to avoid providing any hiding spots.

Look out for plumbing issues. While you'll probably keep an eye out for cockroaches around the break room sink, bathrooms and other common water sources, these pests may still be getting their sustenance from a leaky pipe. Consider working with a pest control service and plumber to make sure your warehouse is dry and secure.

Eliminate hiding spots

Cockroaches want to be unseen and live in dark, moist areas. That means you're really going to have to look for them. Try to think as if you were a cockroach and investigate the darkest, most remote areas first. If you find signs that cockroaches have set up camp, it's best to contact a commercial pest control company, but if not, try to reduce the number of places where they may hide. Remove excess cardboard, clutter, potted plants and fix any holes or cracks, Illinois' Safer Pest Control Project advised.

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