How to avoid pests while watching an outdoor game

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When the weather is nice, it can be enjoyable to go watch a game outside. However, sitting through nine innings of baseball is more pleasant without bugs nipping at your heels and buzzing around your head. Consider these tips to avoid pests while watching an outdoor game.

Why pests are guests at these events

Whether the game is during the day or at night, you may have a few unwanted visitors to your son's Little League game. Bees, flies, and wasps may hang close by if there's trash and food lying around that wasn't disposed of correctly, Real Simple stated. Mosquitoes will come out in the evening if there's water close by and plenty of people to feed on. If the game is near the woods, there may even be a few ticks in attendance. These kinds of pests can be troublesome to any spectator. You may feel helpless, especially if you didn't dress properly or prepare yourself for their presence.

Pest control tips

Dress properly
When it comes to pests, there's a few things to consider regarding clothing, Eagles Nest Outfitters noted. Bees may be attracted to bright clothing with hues in yellows and pinks, as those are the colors found in flowers. Mosquitoes are fans of dark colors such as navy, black and brown. So, if you're heading to a day game, try to avoid wearing colors that may resemble those found in a garden. At night, try to dress in layers, with little skin exposed. If it's warm out, stick to the brighter colors. Remember that sweat can attract pests too, so it's a good idea to dress for the weather.

Repel wisely
Certain scents, especially the sweet ones, can attract wasps, bees and other types of pests. If you're planning on going to a game, keep the perfume and cologne at home and opt for scentless deodorant. It's also a good idea to spray yourself with bug repellant before you step outside. If you're layering, put on repellant with DEET, which will definitely keep the bugs away. However, don't spray this stuff directly on your skin, as it's incredibly dangerous and could give you a rash. If you're skipping the layers, try bug wipes or regular bug spray. Be sure to completely cover yourself and your clothing to make sure that bugs won't come near you.

Keep food to a minimum
You can't help others eating food, but you might want to stay away from it while at a game. If you do bring or purchase food, clean up after yourself. Don't leave trash lying around or food spilled, which can attract every kind of pest.

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