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The damp could mean more pests this summer

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Home gardeners and farmers alike know how important it is to plant their seeds at the right time. Plant too early and they create more work for themselves with tough ground and hard growing conditions. If they plant too late, they run the risk of a short growing season.

When farmers plant their seeds can also have an effect on the local pests. These bugs - ranging from bumblebees to pill bugs - typically rely on these crops as a source of sustenance. They can also turn into a nuisance for crop growers.

To keep these pests at bay, farmers and gardeners may try to use treated seeds. However, for those that choose to go all-natural, they need to be on the lookout for signs of bugs. The Western Producer suggested looking for bare patches or holes in leaves. For at-home or commercial vegetable producers, they should be alert to gnawed-on produce. If they notice pests, they can take the proper measures to keep them away.

HGTV suggested placing crushed, broken eggshells at the foot of plants to keep some pests - like slugs - away. The sharp edges will be unwelcome for these pests, so they'll be more likely to avoid it. There is an additional benefit to using egg shells: When mixed with compost and coffee grounds, it can provide your flowers and garden with nutrients, ensuring that your produce has all the food it needs to grow.

Going out into the garden to frequently pull weeds can also keep pests away, the site noted. These can be a perfect hideout for bugs and could even provide them shelter from the damp. The mild winter may have also given them the opportunity to survive through the season and offer them a chance to populate your garden.

Pests can get out of control and become a nuisance for the home gardener or the commercial farmer. They can destroy crops and create an unwelcome atmosphere for visiting friends and family. You may need professional pest management to keep these bugs away. That's when Abell can help. Our team of experts is familiar with the local pests throughout the different regions of Canada and can provide the best solution to keep your garden looking its best.

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