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The truth about bedbug infestations is that, oftentimes, they can't be prevented, no matter how luxurious the hotel. On top of that, sometimes the only way to identify the issue is to get the information from bitten guests. Luckily, pest control services can take care of the issue once it's recognized.

It's important for both guests and management to know how to check for bed bugs in a hotel, because regardless of how well-run the establishment is, there's always the possibility that a guest could bring in this annoying infestation. Here are some important bed bug warning signs.

Know thy enemy

As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned, bed bugs aren't just an issue for developing countries anymore. People in the five-star hotels and great apartment buildings have had issues with bed bugs. Each bug is very small - 1 to 7 millimeters in size! The CDC explained that unlike other parasites, bed bugs don't carry disease and aren't particularly dangerous. But, in some cases, their bites can cause allergic reactions or itching. They also can make people feel uneasy and ruin sleep.

Bring the right gear

As USA Today advised, travelers should bring a few easy-to-carry tools with them to make their bed bug hunt easier. You'll need an old credit card, a flashlight and a magnifying glass. These small items can help you scour a hotel room in minutes. Check the bedding and bed itself. Use the flashlight to illuminate the dark places bed bugs love to hide. Use the magnifying glass to try to catch a peek at the small young bed bugs. The credit card can help scrap and move items as you look.

Look everywhere, for anything

Just because you checked the bed doesn't mean that the room is bed bug-free. Chairs and sofas can also be hosting these tiny pests. USA Today reminded people to check the floor and carpet around the bed as well as paintings, clock and other items hung on the wall.

Also, you aren't just looking for these speck-sized, reddish bugs, you want to look for their feces and eggs as well. The eggs are roughly the same size but white, while the feces are smaller but smudges and may be found in the carpet. If there were bed bugs and now there aren't, the bed may have red smudges caused by a previous guest.

Be cautious and thorough, and you won't have to spent the night with thousands of unwanted guests.

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