Tips to prevent spiders in your car

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Driving is supposed to be a peaceful and quiet method to get away from chaos. However, you may not be alone. Spiders are fond of automobiles, and only love to make appearances after you've begun driving. Avoid car accidents and follow these tips to keep spiders out of your car.

Why spiders like cars

Cars can be an odd space for a spider to hang out. But, if you think about a car's design, it makes sense. Cars have lots of crevices and dark spaces, Wired magazine noted. They sometimes also have food. That makes for a spider's ideal environment. There are a series of ways that spiders might venture into your car. One of the easiest ways is if you left open a door or window. Yet even if you didn't, spiders have a few other tricks. They can crawl through air conditioning pipes, as they did in the case of the very popular Japanese car manufacturer recall a few years back. So many owners were frightened by the presence of the eight-legged insects that the company issued a recall. Though spiders are harmless creatures, even the calmest of people can become startled if they witness a spider while driving.

How to prevent spiders

Consider these insect control methods to prevent spiders from making their way into your car.

  • Learn to like lemon: Regardless of whether you like the aroma of lemon or not, spiders don't like it, Galmatic noted. Spread a little lemon oil around your car or even wipe it down with some lemon-scented furniture cleaner. Wipe down the steering wheel, the dashboard and even the air vents. The smell will be pleasant to your friends but toxic to a spider.

  • Put some peppermint on it: Like lemon, spiders really don't like the smell of peppermint. Luckily, most humans do. Grab a little peppermint oil and rub it on the inside of your car. Keep in mind that a little oil goes a long way for a spider. Cars are confined spaces - don't overwhelm yourself with the smell of peppermint for the sake of prevention.

  • Keep windows and sunroofs closed: Unless you're trying to air out your car, keep your windows, doors and sunroof closed at all times. This is the easiest way for a spider to invade your quiet space. Stick to common knowledge and limit these options for arachnids.

Contemplate these pest management tips to keep spiders from crawling everywhere. If you believe you've got a spider infestation, call the professionals.

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