Tips to prevent a full-blown pharaoh ant infestation

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Pharaoh ants are a pain. They're incredibly invasive and love meddling in areas where they shouldn't go. They can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes and grocery stores. Consider these tips to help prevent these pesky creatures in your home.

What are pharaoh ants?

Pharaoh ants, or sugar ants, are one of the most common ants that'll invade the home, the University of Florida stated. They're a well-known nuisance found in every part of America. They're such an annoyance because of how quickly they infest their new home. It can be difficult to determine where the pharaoh ants are coming from. Once ants get inside a home, they immediately wreak havoc. They breed quickly due to multiple queens and create a plethora of nesting colonies. Queen ants also may leave colonies to create new ones. In no time, ants are everywhere. They like to feed on anything sweet or oily, but they'll also feed on other bugs. The colonies communicate well and can send signals to one another about areas of food. Often, homeowners will see a trail of ants traveling to or from a source of food. They're also a contaminating creature and usually carry several types of bacteria that they've picked up in their encounters.

Tips for preventing pharaoh ants

Luckily, there are a few methods of ant control.

  • Seal all cracks: This is the first preventative measure you can take, Pest Control Management noted. Pharaoh ants can wedge in between just about anything. They'll come inside if they sense food. Prevent them from making themselves at home by surveying your property and looking for any small areas they could move through. This could be cracks in windows, door frames, molding and walls.

  • Put food away: Always put food away as soon as you use it. Place any leftovers in tightly sealed containers and throw away or wash plates and utensils. Leaving food out for even a little while can cause the ants to go marching in.

  • Manage waste: Ants are attracted to filth. Seal all trash containers and take the trash out from your home daily. If you have pets' elimination lying near the home, pick it up and dispose of it. Droppings can attract the bugs too.

  • Keep your house clean: One of the easiest ways to invite ants into your home is by leaving crumbs around. Always wipe down counters and cooking areas after meals and sweep or vacuum floors.

If you've got an ant problem, call pest management professionals. Don't attempt to spray colonies yourself - it'll only make the infestation worse, as the colonies will divide.

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