Tips to keep skunks out of your yard

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No one likes skunks. They're smelly, shy animals that aren't afraid to spray any threats they notice. Whoever gets in the path of a skunk will end up soaking in a tomato juice bath for the rest of the night. However, though we don't like them, they're big fans of living near humans. Follow these tips to stay skunk-less and clean.

What are skunks?

Skunks are easily identifiable animals - they're black with white stripes running down their back and tail. Their distinctive coat can keep many potential predators away who can quickly identify them and run in the other direction. If they feel scared or threatened, skunks will spray a substance with a terrible odor that can hurt animals' and humans' eyes. Homeowners can be tipped off that a skunk is living somewhere nearby by a faint skunk smell. Often, skunks will dig holes in the ground, similar to the size of a squirrel hole. You may also notice plants knocked over or bites out of any low-sitting plants in the yard. Skunks are nocturnal and will creep out of their hiding spots at night. They're fond of any garbage near your home and accessible garden crops. They'll wander to any area they believe has food.

Pest control prevention tips.

Consider these tips to keep skunks away from your yard.

  • Keep your outdoor area clean: Homeowners should avoid having trash lying around or discarded near bins, the Urban Wildlife Rescue Inc. stated. Skunks will be attracted to the scent of your rotting trash and possibly nest near your house. Avoid skunks by keeping your trash safely tucked underneath a thick plastic lid. Wrap all trash up efficiently to eliminate any lingering smell. Skunks also might be delighted if they uncover your garden. If you've got one, keep it protected by putting up a strong fence.

  • Close up any apparent holes: Skunks love to set up shop nearby. That means your deck, shed or even a rock pile could be seen as a good place to nest. Keep any openings sealed up so skunks can't get in.

  • Keep pets inside: At night, keep pets - especially those off-leash - indoors. Pets can quickly irritate skunks and ignore any warnings they give out. Prevent your pets from getting soaked in skunk spray by keeping them indoors at night, unless you're letting them out quickly for a walk.

If you do have a skunk problem, call pest management. Don't try to tango with a skunk on your own. You'll end up very unhappy in a tomato bath.


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