Tiny pharaoh ants can cause big problems for restaurants

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The tiniest ants, pharaoh ants, may be the most difficult to eradicate once they have foothold in a home or business, particularly restaurants where there's an abundance of food and water on which they thrive.

These ants are indeed small - only about 1/16-inch long - but they're prolific breeders whose nests split and multiply into numerous colonies, can host multiple queen ants and whose members mature quickly. Once hatched, it only takes about 38 days for the ants to mature to adulthood.

The result is that pharaoh ants can overrun a property very fast before attempts to get rid of them are barely off the ground. It's then that businesses and homeowners should call a commercial pest control service like Abell Pest Control to mount a forceful treatment plan that will rid their properties of these pests.

Difficult removal

What makes ant control and removal so difficult is that they prefer to nest inside or near structures so they can search easily for food and water. Colonies generally develop in places that are hard to reach - wall and cabinet voids, refrigerator insulation, behind baseboards, under floors and dark areas near water pipes.

All of these conditions make restaurants and any commercial building that has food service prime targets for a pharaoh ant infestation. They're especially dangerous in eateries because salmonella is among the diseases they carry.

Constant maintenance

Once a professional pest control company clears away the colonies of pharaoh ants, steady maintenance must be practiced by restaurant workers to prevent a recurrence. Food must be stored in airtight containers and garbage must be disposed in sealed receptacles. All surfaces have to be cleaned thoroughly every day when service is over.

To avoid the high humidity and temperatures that foster their growth, restaurants should install dehumidifiers to keep the moisture under control. Potential areas of nesting should be checked regularly to make sure that the ant population hasn't gained another foothold on the premises. Any pooling of water from leaks must be corrected immediately.

The outside environment can also affect the situation. If there are trees or bushes on which ants could hitch a ride into the inside of the restaurant, the greenery must be cut back so that there's no contact between it and the building. Any openings or cracks around doors and windows should be caulked or repaired. If there are sources of standing water outside the restaurant, they should be eliminated.

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