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Fruit flies may be little, but they're annoying. They'll feed on any fruit or vegetable you've got, as long as it emits fermentation. Basically, any fully ripe or rotting fruit or vegetable will attract fruit flies. One study found that when using seven different types of fruit, fruit flies were mostly attracted to bananas. If you're a banana-lover, consider these tips to prevent fruit flies in your home.

What are fruit flies?

Fruit flies can be found just about anywhere - supermarkets, restaurants and homes all are vulnerable to a fruit fly infestation, noted. They love feeding on fermenting fruit and vegetables, but they're also fans of beer, ice cream, alcohol and fermenting flour. Flies happily breed in garbage or recycling bins, where there's plenty of rotting food and fermentation to go around. Fruit flies don't live long, but they breed incredibly quickly. So, if you see one fruit fly, you definitely have more in your home. Eggs can hatch into adults in a period of a week - the egg only takes 15 hours to hatch.

Insect control tips.

Follow these tips to prevent fruit flies from snacking on your bananas.

Eliminate sources of attraction: Get rid of any sources of fruit or vegetables that you know flies may be attracted to, the University of Kentucky stated. If you have any ripe fruit lying around, use it immediately. If you know you're not going to eat it, throw it away. If you have any rotten or damaged fruit, throw it out. Flies may have laid eggs inside the fruit and could hatch and release themselves into your home.

Seal uncovered food: Another good way to prevent these little guys from buzzing around your food is to eliminate the fermentation they're attracted to. Sealing up food in a container can help get rid of the scent that flies are drawn to and keep them from landing on your food.

Throw out garbage frequently: Though you may be conscientious of throwing rotten fruit and vegetables away, that doesn't mean your problem is gone. Flies will happily go into the trash and feed off whatever you've got in there. Constantly throw your trash out and wipe out the can to keep any juices from attracting remnant flies.

If you do have a fruit fly problem, don't break out the insecticide. Instead, call your local pest service company to eradicate every fruit fly you may have.


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