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Carpet beetles are not only annoying for homeowners across the world, but they can cause damage to rugs, carpets and other fabrics. Likely, these nuisances can be spotted easily and, with the help of pest control services, can be expelled from your home.

If you or a family member find these beetles in your home, your best bet is to create a pest management plan with the professionals because these beetles can lay eggs in lint that may take more than a year to hatch. Even if you think you kicked them out, a trained eye may be able to spot eggs that can cause future infestations.

Here are some of the best ways to spot and prevent carpet beetles from causing a ruckus in your home.

Identify your enemy

Carpet beetles are oval-shaped and between 2.5 and 5 millimeters. Black carpet beetles have a black back, while common carpet beetles are spotted with orange and white. Although they have legs and antennae, these beetles can sometimes look more button-like than beetle-like.

Although the beetles aren't particularly hard to spot, it's the larvae that cause all of the fabric damage. With a larval stage that can stretch from 70 days to more than 300 in certain breeds, it's important to keep an eye out for these hairy worm or caterpillar-like larvae. Although often found outdoors, carpet beetles can live in dark, undisturbed places including closets, under furniture and below floor boards. Damage to clothing, fabrics and rugs is usually in the form of small holes or uneven fur lines.

Prevent Infestation

The best defenses against an invasion of carpet beetles are vigilance and good housekeeping. Frequent vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning can kill eggs that have been laid as well as limit the attractiveness of various potential habitats in your home. Pay particular attention to your closets and pantries as well as underneath rugs and furniture.

Exposing carpets and rugs to sunlight can help prevent beetles from using them as protection or habitat. The National Pest Information Center advised that people also check flowers and plants that they bring indoors to ensure that they aren't transporting pests in too.

If people follow these practices and still experience an infestation, the NPIC explained that they should have their air ducts inspected, as they're often the source of a pest issue.

For homeowners who need further preventive measures than vigilance and cleanliness, there are pesticides and other solutions that pest control services can provide to reduce your risk of infestation.

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