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Cluster flies are considered fall nuisance flies that may require pest management. In late summer early fall, cluster flies seek shelter indoors when temperatures drop. They overwinter in large numbers in attics and walls of homes and buildings and crawl back out when temperatures rise during warm winter days and in the spring in hopes of returning to the outdoors.

Understanding cluster flies

TCluster flies are more prevalent in rural areas than urban areas. Cluster flies are black and slightly bigger than house flies, ranging in length from 3/8 to ½ inches long. They have short, yellow hairs on the thorax, and their wings overlap when they are at rest.

Cluster flies are more of a nuisance than a health risk and are detrimental to everyday living. The large numbers and buzzing around are not only distracting but make homes less appealing for both residents and visitors.

Dealing with cluster flies

If you already have a cluster fly infestation, realize that the problem may extend beyond what you can see with the naked eye. These flies can hide inside walls and attics, which makes it much harder to resolve the problem entirely. Any that you spot, whether it’s a single fly or a cluster of flies, can be safely removed using a vacuum. Eliminating entry points around soffits, attic vents, windows, and other cracks and crevices are critical in long-term prevention.

If you've dealt with the issue several times and still can't seem to eliminate the flies, it’s time to talk to a pest control specialist. Abell Pest Control professionals are very familiar with cluster fly behavior and can pinpoint problem areas in your home. They can resolve the problem entirely and can further assess your home for entry points that may have escaped your notice.

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