How to use lemon to repel pests

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Lemon is a nice addition to teas, beverages, fish dishes and more. However, it also can be used to repel multiple types of pests in several forms. When homeowners notice bugs in their homes, they may immediately run for the pesticide. However, these chemicals are harmful and may endanger your children and pets. Choosing natural remedies to alleviate the problem may be a better initial choice. Consider these tips on how to use lemon to keep pests such as spiders and ants away.

  1. Lemons and cloves
    Lemons and cloves are two natural scents that can help keep the common house fly away, Get Rid of Flies noted. This pest can quickly become a nuisance as it buzzes around your home and boldly lands on or near delicious meals. Common house flies also carry several types of bacteria that could make you or loved ones violently ill. Using lemons and cloves to keep this pest away is an easy and fast remedy, as flies can't stand the smell of either. Use two lemons and cut them into halves. Then insert between six and 12 cloves directly into the lemon halves. Place the lemons, which almost look like a decoration, on a plate near your meal. No flies will bother you as you dig in.

  2. Lemon balm
    Years ago, lemon balm was used as an elixir to help alleviate stress and relax people's minds, Mother Earth News stated. Today, Lemon balm is an herb that people can easily grow in their garden to keep gnawing insects away, Gerson advised. This plant has a familiar lemon scent and contains citronella, which is a cousin of citronella oil, known for keeping away various insects. So, if you have mosquitoes buzzing around your backyard, keep this plant nearby to push them away. You can also crush up the leaves of the plant and rub them directly on your skin to prevent bites. If your flowers are suffering, you can also plant this herb in your garden to encourage honey bees to come by and pollinate.

  3. Lemon juice and water
    Mix lemon juice and water in a spray bottle to repel any spiders that are crawling through your home. Simply spray counters, cracks in walls, doorways or other common spider hideouts with this substance to cause the arachnids to swiftly move in the other direction. Though spiders are often a harmless pest, no homeowner wants them disturbing a meal by floating down from the ceiling.

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