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Pests can be a pain anywhere, especially in a garage. Garages are a great hideout for these nuisances, as they are close to the home, sometimes have insulation and may have sources of food, such as dog kibble. One pest commonly found in garages is mice. These creatures are a true pain and will go to great lengths to make themselves at home. They also may become comfortable under your car's hood, which can become problematic quickly. Consider these tips to keep mice out of your home.

Why mice like garages

Garages are an ideal spot to set up shop. Garages are warmer than outdoors, and protect animals from inclement weather and flooding. Some also contain insulation in the walls or roof to the basement, making a perfect nesting spot. People may store certain types of food in the garage, such as bird seed and dog and cat food. Mice are desperate animals, and may gnaw their way through wires and bags to get what they want, leaving your garage in shambles. They also carry germs and diseases on their bodies and in their droppings, which possibly mayget you and your family sick, Wildsage Homestead noted.

Pest management tips

Follow these tips to keep mice out of your garage.

  • Look for the signs: Mice are little and often tend to come out at night, when they're less likely to be noticed by strangers. So, many homeowners are unaware of their mice problem for months. However, looking for certain signs of these creatures, such as urine and droppings, may help identify whether you have an infestation or not. Mice droppings are small and dark when fresh, and grey and crumbly when old. Their urine is yellow and white hue when dry. Mice use their urine to create trails that other rodents can identify to follow. So, if you eliminate one mouse, that doesn't mean they're all gone. Look for these initial indicators to tell if you have a problem.

  • Close cracks and crevices: Garages are an extension of the home, but often aren't looked at closely by homeowners, Alan's Factory Outlet stated. Over time, many will develop cracks and small openings from the foundation settling and bad weather. These small holes are entryways for mice into your garage. These pests can wiggle through even the smallest opening. Seal all cracks every summer before the fall months, which is when rodents look for shelter.

  • Hide food: Avoid storing pet food and bird seed in the garage, as that can attract unwanted visitors. These bags are also very easy to chew through by rodents and can make a very large mess in your garage. Keep food indoors or in a plastic, sealed container to prevent pests from getting in.

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