How to prevent mice in a senior living facility

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Mice may seem cute, but they can become a serious pain in large numbers. Senior communities are supposed to be places of tranquility, not where you're scared by a mouse. Mice can bring in harmful bacteria, endangering older adults with weakened immune systems as they infect clean facilities. Consider these tips to keep mice out of senior communities.

Keep garbage sealed

Mice may initially come creeping into a retirement community because they're attracted to the scent of trash, Washington D.C.'s Department of Health stated. If your garbage isn't sealed properly, mice can have a feeding frenzy on leftover scraps. Once they've gotten comfortable with your leftovers, they may try to wriggle into the home, which often isn't a far trip. Always keep the garbage in containers that have heavy lids that can't be opened by mice or other animals.

Maintain the property

The facility owner should make sure that the outdoor part of the property is well landscaped. Don't let weeds and grass become overgrown, which give rodents places to hide. An unkempt yard can also welcome other types of pests, such as ants, centipedes and more. Also, don't leave cardboard boxes, lumber and other storage units outside, which are also great nesting grounds for pests.

Seal any openings

Survey the perimeter of the community to make sure that each building doesn't have any small holes or openings that a mouse could wiggle through, the University of California Davis noted. If you do find holes, caulk them up with brick and mortar or steel wool. Ensure that all windows are fully sealed and don't contain any rips or tears. Add a metal trim to all doors to prevent them from rotting and allowing mice to gnaw on them.

Keep food contained

Always keep all food in tightly packed storage units that can't be gnawed open. The best types of containers are glass, metal or plastic. Cardboard and paper are too weak and welcome pests. After cooking, sweep up all crumbs and debris off the floor to prevent hungry noses from tracking it down. Tie up trash tightly and only bring it outside right before the pickup time. If the facility has any pets, their food should also be stored properly.

These are just a few tips to follow to keep seniors safe and away from the dangers that involve mice. If you do have a mice infestation, immediately call a pest control company to professionally handle the problem. Trying to deal with it on your own could put you and the residents in harm's way.

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