How to prevent carpet beetles from destroying your carpets and clothes

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Often, clothing moths are blamed for any textile destruction. However, they aren't the only enemy. Carpet beetles can also be dangerous and much less apparent. Consider these tips to prevent carpet beetles from eating your carpets and clothes.

What are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are small and pesky bugs. They're unpleasant pests because of their destructive and deceptive ways, the University of California, Davis noted. It isn't even the adults who do the damage - it's the babies. Males and females will lay their larvae and leave. The larvae will then feed their way through sweaters, pants, jackets and, yes, carpets. Unlike clothing moths, carpet beetles love to venture, according to New Mexico State University. They'll move from room to room or even apartment to apartment to see what they can find. Carpet beetles will also feed on other insects such as cluster flies. Normally, they'll fly indoors from a flower or some other vegetation outside. There are a few different species of carpet beetles, but they're all destructive.

Tips to prevent carpet beetles

Follow these tips in insect control to keep your home beetle-free.

  • Efficient cleaning:Without even knowing it, you could have carpet beetle larvae resting in your carpets. So, efficient cleaning is needed constantly, the University of Kentucky advised. Always vacuum rugs thoroughly, making sure you pick up dirt in the deepest parts. Use vacuum attachments for a more efficient job that can access hard-to-reach crevices and cracks where larvae may hide. Pet hair can also attract beetles, so eliminating hair is another good practice.

  • Store items properly: Though you can't tuck away all your clothes, there are items that carpet beetles might be more attracted to. Leather jackets and gloves, lambswool sweaters and other animal-based items can attract beetles. Store them in tightly sealed containers to keep the beetles out.

  • Get rid of possible food sources: Eliminate the possibility of beetles in your home by eradicating any of their food sources. Look around for any spider cobwebs or dead insects and wipe them away. Always examine freshly cut flowers for beetles before bringing them inside.

  • Seal all openings: Look for any cracks in doors or holes in window screens that could serve as a passageway for the pest. Seal any opening immediately, especially in warmer months.

If you do have a carpet beetle problem, don't wait around. Call the pest services professionals right away to save your carpets and clothes from getting ravaged.

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